The images below shows a small sample of our work in corporate, documentary & environmental travel portrait photography.

Portrait photography is one of the most diverse genres of photography and none of them are simple not even self portraits.

Corporate portrait photography is one of the most challenging types as the photographer has to work on a very tight schedule, sometimes having only five to ten minutes with a client, in that short time preparation is primordial consistency and experience is the key to narrate the right image to depict the wanted feel and mood through the use of light be it natural, artificial or a mix of the two.

While environmental portraits tend to appear more candid, they still require research as the location is just as important as the person in the image. Time maybe less of an issue in comparison to corporate portrait photography, environmental portraits, still need research and attention to details as the image has to incorporate the role of the main subject in that particular environment.

Travel portraits are by any means the most candid of portraits, albeit not as candid as street photography, that being said it is not easy, as the understanding of the use that the client will make of the image and the underlying meaning of the composition as well as the placement of the subject vary immensely, the photographer’s approach to the subject is just as important to bring out an immersive understanding of the role of the people in their places.